Catalina Water - Real Ocean Saltwater
Catalina Water Company, LLC - for Commercial and Home Saltwater Aquariums and Seafood use.
real ocean saltwater for your aquarium

100% Real Ocean Saltwater for Home and Commercial Aquarium Applications.

Catalina Water Company has been providing our customers with premium filtered natural ocean saltwater since 1988. We deliver over 15 million gallons of ocean water for use in tropical fish aquariums annually. Catalina Water Company has established a loyal clientele through our commitment to provide service and a quality product at a competitive price. We currently service over 70 retail and wholesale customers. Our service area extends from San Diego to San Bernardino to Ventura counties, Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona.

Catalina Water Company is capable of assisting companies worldwide. Our services range from helping the home aquarist to providing various full service water programs for commercial applications. Contact us for information on how to buy saltwater for your aquarium.

Don’t be fooled by imitators! Feel free to contact us at anytime to verify that the water you purchase is being sold by an authorized Catalina Water Company Dealer. We can also direct you where to buy saltwater for your aquarium. "The Toxicity of Some Freshly Mixed Artificial Sea Water; A Bad Beginning for a Reef Aquarium." By: Ronald L. Shimek Ph.D - Click Here to Read the Report.

How is Catalina Water Different?
All synthetic salt mixtures have one thing in common. They are attempting to duplicate real saltwater. Catalina Water Company provides real ocean saltwater, not a synthetic substitute.

Why is Catalina Water Best for My Aquarium?
Synthetic Saltwater, while being basically sound, simply can not provide all the subtle chemical benefits of true saltwater. Catalina Water starts with natural ocean seawater which is filtered,
(fiber, sand, and charcoal) ozonated, and protein skimmed. Fish, corals, and invertebrates will thrive with our real ocean saltwater for your aquarium.

Catalina Water's Real Ocean™ Saltwater is now available nationwide through PetCo.
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real ocean saltwater for your aquarium