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Catalina Water Company, LLC - for Commercial and Home Saltwater Aquariums and Seafood use.

Catalina Water Company - About Us

Catalina Water Company is located in Long Beach, California. In addition to our retail and wholesale tropical fish customers, we currently service numerous universities, laboratories, marine research facilities, seafood distributors and the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.

We are proud to have been selected by the "Aquarium of the Pacific" when they opened in 1998 to provide the initial saltwater fill for the aquarium and their acclimation tanks (approximately 1½-million gallons). Since that time we have provided weekly deliveries to help maintain their life-support systems.

Over the years we have also filled many “celebrity” aquariums and provided thousands of gallons of water to numerous movie and television sets and various trade shows.

Catalina Water Company is capable of assisting a diversity of industries. Our services range from helping the home aquarist to providing full service water programs for commercial applications.

Catalina Water Company

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