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Catalina Water Company is prepared to provide our product nationwide to companies or institutions requiring large amounts of premium quality saltwater. We currently deliver saltwater to many of the major tropical fish and coral wholesale vendors in Southern California and the Southwest region of the US . In addition our saltwater is used extensively in the regions live seafood industry as well as marine research labs and universities. Catalina Water can be found in over 500 retail pet supply stores from coast to coast.

For information on becoming a Catalina Water Dealer, or for the name of the dealer nearest to you, please contact us at:

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By Phone:  562-901-1400
By Fax:  562-901-1404
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Catalina Water Company
P.O. Box 32247
Long Beach, CA  90832

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Catalina Water can also assist you with storage tanks:

Catalina Water's Real Ocean™ Saltwater is:
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Ph: 562-901-1400