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Catalina Real Ocean Water is for home aquariums, and commercial aquariums. We also deliver saltwater to aquariums with large tanks such as seafood wholesalers. Catalina Ocean Water is collected off the coast of Southern California. Real Ocean SaltwaterPure clean sea water is received at our modern processing and storage facility in Long Beach, California where the saltwater is filtered extensively, treated with Ultra Violet light & Ozone and buffered for pH.

Catalina Ocean Water is tested daily prior to saltwater delivery to our happy customers for their commercial saltwater aquariums. We believe our real natural ocean saltwater is the best water available for your marine life.

Catalina Water contains all the required organic and inorganic elements providing a natural, stable and healthy environment for your marine life.
Catalina saltwater delivery is convenient and cost-effective. Catalina saltwater is transported in stainless steel tankers to a growing network of retail and wholesale distributors throughout California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. Catalina Water does not require costly additives, it is ready to use.

NO SALTS TO MIX! Catalina Water is used in the Central Systems of over 200 retail stores and tropical fish wholesale distributors throughout greater Los Angeles. It is with this same confidence that Catalina Water is made available to you.

Catalina Water provides the easiest and most maintenance-free marine environment available on the market.

Catalina Water is the proud ocean water vendor to the following institutions and resellers:
Some of the largest Public Aquariums in Southern California
Famous ocean-life exhibits in major Las Vegas hotels.
Many of the Major Universities and colleges in Southern California.
Seafood wholesalers across the southwest region of the United States.
Many of the regions major ocean-life wholesalers & retail outlets.
Over 500 local pet stores throughout the entire United States.
Catalina Water is also available in convenient ready-to-use 5-gallon easy packs.

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